Final Fantasy: Everland Tales is a spin-off of the Final Fantasy series. It revolves around a place known as the Everlands, where monsters lurk, and humans inhabit. The hero of the prophecy, Marick, along with his friends, Tir, Casturn, Gerald, Fren, Prione and Dren, must save the Everlands and complete the prophecy of the Hero and the Six Lights.


It is different from the other Final Fantasy games, as it is an action RPG, with gameplay mechanics similar to Kingdom Hearts, another Square Enix game. Weapons can be changed in and out of battle, and certain bosses need to be hit in their weak points, or "Dark Focus". Any other part of the boss causes no damage.

Classes are also a part of the game, and classes such as Thief, White Mage and Black Mage return, while new classes appear, such as Blacksmith and Adventurer, the starting class. They cannot be changed freely, though; certain conditions are needed to change classes.


Marick Jeror: The protagonist and the first playable character. His class options are often attack-based, such as Warrior, Knight, Gladiator and Monk.

Tir Finnel: The first character to be unlocked and Marick's best friend while they were at the orphanage, who is also Marick's love interest. Her class options are usually related to white magic, such as White Mage, Healer, Priestess and Defender.

Casturn Pellt: The second character to be unlocked and Marick's other best friend while he was at the orphanage. His class options are usually black magic-related, such as Black Mage, Mystic, Stargazer and Scribe.

Gerald Pellt: The third character to be unlocked and Casturn' adoptive brother. He is the most versatile and his versatility is reflected by his class options, such as Red Mage and Magic Knight.

Fren Geris: The fourth character to be unlocked and a princess saved from Prione. She is good at summoning, and her class options take note of this, with class options such as Evoker and Summoner.

Prione Verand: The fifth character to be unlocked, she is an evil wizard-turned-good. She copies enemy skills, so her class options are Blue Mage and Mime.

Dren Tribblee: The sixth and final character to be unlocked, Tir's real brother and the last member of the Magii apart from Tir. He is a master thief, as he was raised on the streets. His classes include Thief, Ninja, Asassin and Sage.

Temporary playable charactersEdit

Zester Feror: A temporary character and a budding musician. His class options include Musician, Bard, Dancer and Singer.

Brior Twoll: The son of a blacksmith and a creative person. His class options includes Blacksmith, Engineer and Inventor.

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