"These times are Changing...The Future is at hand."
Viscount Draedis

Final Fantasy: Genesis is Fanon, if a game is named this, then it is just an alternate version I created before that game.




Welcome to Tandras, the world that was forged by the crystal gods long ago. 700 years ago, there was a great war that destroyed much of the world, but a great floating continent was constructed by Adolfus Cid Heirein. The continent was named the Galf Continent. During these 70 years, the planet has evolved from a primitive medieval world into the grand and majestic techological advances. During this time, the Galfan Empire has finally gained advantage of the world using the ultimate weapons of distruction: the Espers. They found the original Guardians of the planet and used it to conquer the entire Galf Continent. now it is the time of the Sun Crypt, now it is the time of the ultimate esper to be released from his slumber...


Freya Luhartna, a royal just lost her throne to the Galfan Empire as they conquered the small kingdom of Asgurn. Freya was casted out onto the street, but is now the hunted. She joined the Asgurnian Rebellion as she tries to stop the Empire from gaining control of the entire world. She must use her weapons to kill the maesters of the Esperian Religion in order to receive the seven keys of faith.

Beor Twaroson, a bandit that served for the highest bidder and only fights for the money or ideals. He is now a part of the Aeor Mountain Rebellion. He believes that the Empire must come crashing down because of their evil intentions to rule the world. He must use his skills and weapons to fight the coming storm from the Empire.


Beor Twaroson - Bandit/Warrior

Freya Luhartna - Gunner/Monk

Cid Taerahart - Lancer/Engineer

Tear - Ex-Maester/Summoner

Storm Ghandar - Sword Fighter/Mage

Optional CharactersEdit

Soul - Black Wizard

Rem - Fighter

Aer - Ex-Maester/Priestess


Genesis - Esper/Demon

Yhadar - demon/Advisor

Kain Starrligh - Emperor

Espers - Summons/Demons

Garland Stalant - Black Knight Leader/General of the Black Legions

Other ThingsEdit






Magic and other Ablities

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